Kenyatta Banks, CEO/creator of the Arsenal by Kenyatta workout series. Kenyatta is a fitness enthusiast, (some would say guru) who’s passion extends far longer than his three middle names.
Born a military brat who grew up between Berlin, Germany, Lacey, Washington and (Made in Miami, FL) he learned to command more than basketball, football & track. With passion, heart & discipline (the PHD obtained through life’s experiences) he strives to change lives from the inside out.
He earned his degree from Florida Memorial University, Miami FL, in Public Relations. Though he jokes he despises running, this friend-proclaimed solution-ologist runs through the world, setting it on fire by way of fitness. “I am fitness, I speak in Sweat” he says.
Kinged a certified pancake lover, Kenyatta, (and now trans vegan) has found new avenues to expand his legendary vision in Arizona. You may have experienced his powerful mentorship, coaching & instructorship on ABC’s Sonoran Living Live (Insanity segment). Or, he may be working out beside you in your home gym. His motivation never fails, as he was the face of all Les Mills posters/ads in over 80 countries. His extensive dedication to family and changing lives is showcased in his travels to schools like West Park Elementary. There, he inspired & instructed 800 kids in a workout, from kindergarten to 8th grade.
Recently he was selected to be in the test group for 21 day fix extreme. He has also, been featured in the Insanity the Asylum Infomercial with an incredible transformation and invited to be apart of the first all-male cast R.I.P.P.E.D Season 13 DVD to name a few. He is P90x, Insanity and R.I.P.P.E.D certified. However, he has recently given birth to his own Arsenal HIIT & Strength style workouts, which you’d have to experience to understand.
Kenyatta has taken the Arsenal HIIT on tour, throughout all the mountainside fitness gyms in AZ, a military event in Columbus, GA, sweated with the kids at Texas Southern University, lead an all women’s workout in Katy, TX and had 80+ people show up on a epic tour date in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Kenyatta can be seen in the latest trainingmask commercial, in ads featured on the official training mask website ( & is featured in all of the training mask 3.0 instruction manuals.
“Be the light in someone else’s darkness: we must continue to create a movement, a legacy of believes & achievers, of people who will LIVE more than they have ever imagined…” – Kenyatta Banks –